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Strategies and Internationalization

Consulting and development of business plans and marketing selection of communication channels targeted to business objectives. The know-how gained in nearly ten years of success is strategically applied to every single business need , to bring out in clear and unambiguous manner the peculiarities of each actor and to communicate effectively to the market.

We assist our clients in declination consistent with all the levers of the marketing mix , from product to pricing , advertising sales and / or service. A marketing over the past 10 years has greatly changed and enriched , and that does a lot more use of innovative channels of contact and interaction with the market and its operators . We help our clients in the choice of how to structure their organization for marketing , sales or post-sales , in line with the company’s strategy .

In some cases the comparison with models of excellence on the market allows you to understand immediately how to stimulate the improvement of the performance and effectiveness . The purpose of the comparison is to understand the processes and mechanisms more effective and to initiate a process for trying to reproduce them within the company.
In others, however, require the redefinition of the organizational structure , roles , job profiles , skills , processes or systems related remuneration and incentive ( specifically in the area work in sales). In others there is demand management and the development of skills through training or professional support in the evaluation and development of trade agreements with agents, retailers, wholesalers, or other business partners.

Today the market is global while it is necessary to mantain for the made values a glocal vision company. We want to introduce the phenomenon of industrial, commercial or fiscal internationalization.

Internationalization is a phenomenon with a composite nature that is not reduced to the sphere of trade and economic transactions, but it includes political, social and cultural fields. WKE suggests internationalization by answering to three questions:

  1. For what reasons a company should be internationalized?
  2. What are the possible ways of the internationalization?
  3. What are the most suitable strategies to operate in international markets?