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WKE ITALIA works in Energy business, Construction industry and Hotel business through research and personalized consulting, making available to its Customers scenarios about competitors, forecast, investment choice and the most important decisions about strategic and operational marketing.

WKE Italia boasts a long experience in these three markets and offers to its customers all necessary tools for a highly and personalized analysis and efficacy. Our competence range from Market Design to forecasting models, corporate strategies, Risk Management, forecast sector studies and economic surveys.

Our research aims at interpreting and anticipating the transformation both in social and economical context, to arrive at a sector-based, regional or of different productive unites consulting in order to value the company placement and plan its evolution to economic, future or alternative products scenarios.

The products offered by WKE can be sum up as:

  • Observatory Energy: with forecast scenarios of short or long term
  • Observatory Construction: with forecast scenarios of short or long term
  • Observatory Hotel business: with forecast scenarios of short or long term
  • Market analysis
  • Investment evaluation – with Business Plan
  • Database
  • Operational models of strategic marketing
  • Special widening (for example the system of Green Certificates)