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Registration of trademarks and patents

WKE Italia only for its Customers also carries historical title search and store brands, dealing with the entire Legal Process. Submit an application for trademark registration imposes some important choices. First you need to decide whether to file a trademark consisting solely of words or from words and graphics or only by graphics. In the first case the proprietor of the mark has the exclusive right to use it with any graphics, while in the second sentence is protected only in the matching words / graphics deposited. In the third case, finally, the protection applies only to the logo trademark.

Another option is to choose to store the sign of the black / white or in color. In fact, in the first case the holder is protected for all colors or combinations of colors that will give to his mark in the second case only in combination chosen and filed. The last important choice is the identification and description of classes of goods / services that you wish to protect with the sign chosen. So as to identify the following description are very important because they have to take into account not only address the current productive enterprise, but also of future choices. In fact, once filed, the application for registration can not be changed and to add new products will be required to deposit a new brand. Once you have made ??these choices is necessary to determine the spatial extent of the sign. In fact , such as patents, brands also have territorial validity.
In particular, you can choose whether to file an Italian brand , community, effective in 27 countries of the European Union and automatically extended to all those who will join in the future or international, valid in all countries that have signed the relevant agreements. Finally, it is also possible to file an application for trademark registration in individual foreign countries.

European Framework Programmes


HORIZON 2020 is the European Framework program for Research and Innovation (2014-2020) and WKE Italia is part of the qualified Network for the presentation of projects. Horizon 2020 is the new program of integrated funding system directed to the research activities of the European Commission, assignment that was of VII Framework Programme, Framework Programme for competitiveness and innovation (CIP) and European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT).
The new programme will start from January 1st 2014 until December 31th 2020 and will sustain the UE in global challenges giving researcher and innovators necessary tools to the realization of own projects and ideas. The budget allocated for Horizon 2020 (included Programme for Nuclear research Euratom) is 72.2 billion euro constant prices / 78.6 billion euro current prices.