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Press Office

WKE Italia follows the Press Office: from the editing of the press releases to relations with the media up public relations even in the framework of corporate crisis.

The goal is to create attention and interest to products and companies, in order to establish a long-lasting and fruitful relationship with the Media. It is therefore to provide its clients with adequate visibility through the creation of articles that can reinvolve the media interest and give to the company the importance that they deserve.

The Press Office represents the conjunction between the editorial offices and the market and it must always be careful to innovations, preferring if necessary new technologies so as to make more usable and accessible content to recipients.

The deep knowledge of specialized magazines and the mainstream press allows specific operations both in the planning stages and delivery of product or institutional information, and the definition of targeted events.

WKE Italia devotes also himself to the entire organization and promotion of press conferences, press releases and the management and development of Public Relations.

All these tools, if designed for commercial use, can strengthen the credibility of the company and its Management thanks to the credibility they have in Media sector.