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Opening Markets in Europe and Asia

WKE Italia is able to offer many services to companies interested in growing in Italy and in Europe with the construction or renovation of the commercial network, the coverage of a market that is already known or only partially exploited, the search for new sales channels in context of the market already established and the opening of new markets, understood both as the identification of new geographical areas to analyze and penetrate commercially, either as a studying and experimenting with new forms of business to diversify sources of profitability.
In both cases, we proceed with a detailed feasibility study, which is not limited to macroeconomic analysis, but which takes into account the peculiarities of business, providing relevant information of commercial and marketing from which to determine the next strategy approach to that market; depending on the type of target set will proceed, then, with the definition and implementation of promotional activities and the creation of the commercial structure or with the selection of potential partners:

  • search, selection and management of a network of agents / distributors in the target market;
  • implementation of a communication program which can be determined by a mix of marketing activities (advertising, participation in trade shows, promotions of various kinds);
  • checks on the marketability of products in terms of quality / price ratio;
  • indication of any corrective measures to be introduced in the distribution;
  • constitution, creation, start-up and management of the foreign country;
  • support in the management of commercial negotiations and International contracts;
  • legal and tax consulting

Search for productive partner in Asia and East Europe can be the key to success of own business. It’s evident that in a global market such as the current one, exist no more borders, even for supply and for outlet to foreign country. But before checking these opportunities, the company almost always has to clash with very high costs, most of all if we think about the traditional business mission: substantial charges for the journey, varied transfer days abroad, organizational rigidity due to a calendar of established activities with weeks of advance, none certainties of results are some of the main complications that meets the company interested in testing a new market in production. WKE Italia’s consulting guarantees a qualified and punctual service of scouting in Asia and East Europe in order to select the ideal partner for the development of projects, following the phase of selection, production, quality control and transport.