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Hotel & Wellness

A market with a potential of demand well above the current data.

The luxury and WeelBeing maintains a market share where it is possible a further increase towards countries with high growth.
In this scenario of constant development, the sector is characterized by pressing changes and dynamism. For many players it is impossible to remain on the market without the aid of technology partners that often go to erode the operating margin. There are many solutions to avoid dispersion of the marginality of the sector and they are independent from booking engines.

For hotels Marketing and Communication are therefore essential and strategic tools that can make the operators independent from large global Websites. The company’s success and profitability derive from the choice of specifics interventions and tools of Marketing which are able to direct resources and reinforce identity and values.

Imagine, identity and values of a brand can be declined through aimed initiatives of diversification. It’s the case of creation of cosmetics dedicated products lines which product a healthy synergy considering the significant connection of complementary on commercial plan with the core business of thermal spa and wellness centers. The personalisation of creams, serums, gels for face and body well enter in the range of the possible strategic choices because it completes and enriches the proposal of wellbeing of the structure.