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Consulting Management

Marketing, Sales and After Sales. Institutional Identity Management, study and development of brand communication in all media.

The analyse is aimed to defining and brand and product image through the discover and diffusion of Company valour.

Strategy & Internationalization. The most challenging side of strategic planning is to define the business in which the customer competes. Sometimes it’s just necessary to reaffirm the current choices and highlight something the Client already knows and understands. Other times, to incentive new business definitions, preparatory to the conception of innovative and never tried strategies.

The story of WKE ITALIA is characterized by many success in which we were able to raise companies to new ambitious destinations or to innovative ways.

Create a company strategy means to decide clear market positioning aims, but also define business models to follow and alignment programs to reach the aspired repositioning.

With its references WKE ITALIA has dealt many strategic projects of business focusing, growth, expansion to international markets, relocation, vertical o de-vertical production.

Sometimes we have only created development guide lines; other times, instead, we have defined long-term analytical plans, with appropriate simulation of expected financial and economic profiles.

Recruitment: staff selection
WKE Italia guarantees its customers a competent and professional consulting in the recruitment procedures.

The staff selection is one of the most important aspects in the definition of business organization: find the ideal candidate and ensure proper placement within the company means determine the success of the company.

The goal is to find workers who are as close as possible to the corporate values so as to shorten the gap between the company and the candidate and ensure that this one can be a source of innovation and enrichment for the company.